Improve Sleeping Patterns


Enhance physical and athletic skills


Reduce Stress by Releasing Muscle Tension


Increase and maintain range of motion 


Relieve stiffness and soreness


Correct muscle imbalance

What Is Assisted Stretching?

Practitioner assisted stretch is not stretching the way you know it. Our customized assisted stretching sessions are more specific and more efficient than any other method. Get stretched the way you haven’t been stretched before and find new relief from everyday aches and injuries.


Assisted Stretching vs Stretching Classes

One-on-one stretching assistance with a Stretch Affect professional will change your perspective on the benefits of flexibility. Reduce the risk of improper alignments and damage that can result from unguided active and passive stretching routines. Our personalized approach offers better results than stretching classes due to the years of experience and training our staff brings to each session.

Frequently Asked Questions
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